1 to 1 Classes

Online & face-to-face classes

The cost of the lesson for each child will vary based on their individual requirements, ranging from £55 to £75.

Course details

Who is it for?

If any young student requires personalised assistance with their science studies, we are here to help. Our tuition aims to improve their grades, secure a good grade, nurture an interest, support with a particular aspect of the science curriculum, or provide support with the vast science curriculum as a whole.

What will the class do?

Develop knowledge and understanding of topics in biology, chemistry, and physics, specific to the course they are studying. Enhance confidence. Improve essential maths and investigative skills. Develop exam technique.

Benefit of 1:1 Tuition

Monday to Friday



9 am-8.30 pm

9 am to 5 pm


Our monthly fee includes a range of benefits such as live classes, end-of-topic tests/assessments, feedback, mentoring, mock tests and various online resources - all of which are free for our group students