Group Classes

Online & face-to-face classes

Each student receives one,  one and a half hours and two hours of fully interactive class per week based on which year group they are, that adjusts to their individual group learning needs.

The session is divided into 2 parts, in 1st part focuses on the learning needs of the student and 2nd part focuses on exam-style question preparation and exam techniques

Further Details

No long-term commitment- pay to secure your child’s place for a month and stop when tuition is no longer required by giving 2 weeks advance notice.

A small group class comprising of students studying for the same exam board.

The benefits of group tuition

Unfortunately, the cost of 1:1 tuition can be expensive especially when tuition is needed over a long period of time. Group online tuition offers many benefits in addition to being a cost-effective solution.

Working in small groups creates an encouraging and supportive environment with the benefit of healthy competition. Students also benefit from learning from each other and listening to other children’s questions. In addition, some students find it difficult to ask questions in larger groups so confidence in this area can be developed in a smaller group setting.

The lessons are on-line and recorded. Students can review the lesson or parts of the lesson that they did not completely understand. This provides opportunities for valuable over-learning that some students need to progress.

Monday to Friday



9 am-8.30 pm

9 am to 5 pm


Year 7 & 8

£ 125 per month for an hour.

Year 9

£135 per month for an hour.

Year 10

£150 per month for 1.5 hours

Year 11

£160 per month for 2 hours

Year 12 & 13 ( A- Level) :

£175 per month for 2 hours

Our monthly fee includes a range of benefits such as live classes, end-of-topic tests/assessments, feedback, mentoring, mock tests and various online resources - all of these are free for our group students.